Murder mysteries for team building and private events
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Murder mysteries for team building and private events

Virtual Online Murder Mysteries

Sherlock's easiest caseCreated or adapted specially to suit those who want to play a murder mystery safely during the pandemic.

We now have three of these for you to choose from. Two (Murder in the Red Room and The Chocolate Bar Mystery) are games you can run yourselves via Zoom, Google Meet and other video apps. Or you can get us to run them for you. One (Shotgun Wedding) isn’t available as a download and can only be run by us. Contact us here for a quote on how much it will cost to hire one of our actors to host your game.

Our Virtual Game Options

Murder in the Red Room and The Chocolate Bar Mystery

These games can be played remotely via a video conferencing platform (e.g. Zoom, Facetime, etc.) or by a group all gathered in the same space. Click on the links above for more information about them. They usually last around 90 minutes and are best for 8 – 14 people, OK for up to 20 people and do still work even for bigger groups.

Some people have characters to play. Everyone else observes what they get up to and then decides at the end who they think the murderer is. Even those who aren’t playing characters still have plenty to amuse, entertain and absorb them. If you’d like us to run your game for you, make an enquiry here.

Shotgun Wedding

In this plot, almost everything that can go wrong at a wedding does go wrong. It starts off with the vicar being murdered during the ceremony, which isn’t how these days usually go. Everyone takes part either as a guest at the reception or as a key character in it. As well as being entertained by all the chaos that unfurls, you try to make sense of it – and solve the murder!

When played virtually, it’s a good choice for larger groups. As an online game, it’s best for up to 100 people but can work for even bigger groups, too. When played by people who are all in the same space, it’s fine for up to 250 people. We will always need to run it for you, either virtually or in a venue where everyone has gathered together. For how much we charge, please contact us here.

What people have been saying…

Here are just a few of the many compliments we’ve received about our virtual games:

“Saturday was fantastic!  Really great plot and the whole thing was perfectly organised and thought out.  Everyone has been raving about it since and it was exactly what I was looking for; probably the most fun we’ve all had in months!  Thank you so much for it. 

We will definitely be recommending your services to others.”   Bob, London

“I have just hosted a virtual evening of ‘Murder in the Red Room’ with 10 different households and 22 people joining in. What an absolutely fabulous evening! All the material was so easy to follow with everything needed for both organiser and characters. I cannot recommend it highly enough. Many thanks PS Looking forward to the next one!” Siobhan, High Wycombe

“Thank you so much for the game!  I used it tonight as my turn in a family Zoom collective in place of the usual quiz.  Your instructions for me as Organiser were fantastic and made my job so straightforward. Everyone really got into their parts with outfits, props, accents etc.  We’ve really enjoyed it.” Jo, Harrogate

“I purchased and played your virtual game a few weeks ago which worked absolutely brilliantly. Thank you for going to the time and effort to create this, it’s been the highlight of lockdown!” Scott, Glasgow

“We all enjoyed it so much. We had such a great time and a laugh. The plot is very cleverly put together with easy to follow instructions. 

Thanks again for providing a wonderful, memorable night.”  Michelle, Walsall

“It was brilliant.  Thanks so much. . . ” Nigel, York

“Yes, my dear fellow, you may laugh ”
Sherlock Holmes, The Hound of the Baskervilles