Murder mysteries for corporate events, private parties and team building

Different Types of Murder Mystery

Different types of murder mystery

Some of our mysteries are Participative. Some we call Watch The Action. Some suit particular seasons. Some can be played online. Some are designed to suit those on a tight budget. Some can be bought from us and played by you without us being there. Some feature Sherlock Holmes. Some are bespoke. All are great for team building.

A full list of every murder mystery plot we offer is available here. It also tells you how many people each crime solving game is for and what form the game takes.

To discuss with us what you are looking for, please make an enquiry – let us help you find what you are looking for.


Our Participative plots are designed to be played by a group all gathered together in the same space (i.e. not virtually). They come in two forms.

Our Highly Participative plots give everyone the chance to play a character in the mystery. How much people do get involved is very much up to them but even shy people often amaze themselves by how immersed they become.

Our Fairly Participative plots are for bigger groups. Some guests have individual characters to play and everyone else is treated as if they are part of the overall theme – members of the aristocracy in High Society, schoolchildren in St. Cakes, etc.

In all our Participative plots, there is always plenty for everyone to do. Suspects to question. Clues to consider. Items of evidence to process. They get people interacting with and talking to each other in a much more relaxed way than usually happens on these occasions. And they always provide plenty to talk about afterwards, too.

Note: our Participative plots do need more space than might usually apply to a group your size. This is so everyone can move around freely and won’t have to keep squeezing past others when they need to speak to someone else. If space won’t allow this, then go for one of our Watch The Action plots instead.

Watch The Action

Our Watch The Action plots were created for social events in which groups want a murder mystery that is divided into different sections/scenes with breaks in between. Our actors will entertain you and provide you with a gripping mystery to solve. But you will also have time for other group activities: chatting. Networking. Talking shop. These plots are ideal, too, for groups which want to be entertained between courses over a meal and want to be left on their own while they are enjoying their food.

Note: these plots work fine even if space is tight and people don’t have much room to move around.

Online virtual games

Our online virtual games are mainly intended for those wanting to take part in a whodunit via ZoomGoogle Meet and other similar apps. They can, though, also be played by people who are all in the same space.

You can buy, download and run these games yourselves or contact us here about hiring us to run a game for you. The online virtual games you can buy to run yourselves work best for groups of up to 20 people. Bigger groups can also play them but then most of those taking part will have an observer/detective role.

Downloadable games

Our sister company, Murder Mystery Games, sells some of our games in a form which allows you to buy them, download them, put them together and run them without us being there. This means you can enjoy them for a fraction of the cost of hiring us to run them for you.

Getting a game ready takes time because our mysteries have a lot going on in them. But the instructions are easy to follow. And the feedback we get from those who do this confirms that the effort is well worth it.

Best Value Games

We have various Best Value options. For those on a very tight budget, we recommend you buy a downloadable mystery.

Our Online Virtual games are also cheaper either for you to buy and run yourselves or get us to run for you. And, if you do hire us to do so, there won’t be any travel costs!

One way to spend less if you are all going to be in the same space for your mystery is to buy a downloadable plot, spend time getting it ready yourselves and then hire an actor from us to come and run it for you. We won’t need to charge you for putting the plot together. Bear in mind, though, that the further away you are from London, the more we’ll have to charge for sending an actor to you.

Finally, how many actors you have at your event also affects the price. Some of our plots can be run by just one or two of us.

For more information about all this, please contact us here.

Team Building

All our mysteris have a team-building element to them. They help groups bond and get to know each other better. They take people away from their usual work processes and thought processes and free them up to enjoy doing something together that’s new and fun. In a subtle way, they improve people’s skillsets, too. Good communication, good leadership, good teamwork – the importance of all these becomes very clear as people engage with what we give them to do.

Games can be run on their own or over a meal or as one part of a training day. Trainers sometimes assume that, because ours are such fun, they won’t be able to deliver any useful team-building results. Training has to be hard work, right? Wrong. We offer dynamic, experiential learning in a form which is safe, enjoyable – and highly effective. Try it and see!


If you are looking for a whodunit to coincide with a particular calendar event, we may have something for you: a Halloween High Society, perhaps, or Who Killed Father Christmas? or a New Year’s Eve Last Gasp. Tell us what you are looking for and we’ll let you know what might work for you.

Sherlock Holmes

All our mysteries feature detectives or investigators. How else would anything ever get solved? For Sherlock aficionados, some of our mysteries feature the great man himself. Sherlock’s First Case, for instance, and Death By Numbers.

These are plots we’ve created specially to match the originality and ingenuity of the stories he appeared in. In them, you get the chance to apply your own sleuthing skills and compete with the best detective there has ever been.


We have sometimes written bespoke plots for people. These are, we admit, a lot pricier than our other plots. This is because of the amount of extra work involved and the reduced chance of us using them again. We sometimes adapt existing games instead and give them a bespoke twist. This can provide a useful alternative to a wholly-bespoke, high-cost one-off.