Murder mysteries for team building and private events
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Murder mysteries for team building and private events

Watch The Action
Murder mystery shows you can sit back and watch

Our Watch The Action murder mysteriesWatch The Action plots consist of short, comic scenes which punctuate your event rather than run all the way through it. These shows are ideal if you want to wrap your murder mystery around other activities (e.g. a meal) or allow more time for people to chat among themselves. They work particularly well at conferences, providing light relief through an otherwise work heavy timetable.

Several of the plots can be tailored to include information about people in your group or the reason why you are all meeting up. They can all be run over a meal or on their own. Guests mainly observe rather than participate during them. You solve the mystery in teams but the more lively among you will still have plenty of opportunity to contribute to the fun.

If these murder mysteries happen over a meal, our professional actors act out the scenes between courses and leave you to enjoy your food without interruption. If there is no meal, the actors again entertain you in short bursts with breaks in between. How long these breaks last depends on what else is going on. Five minutes, half an hour, two hours: whatever works best for you.

Our Improv Murder plot can also be run like a play, with an interval in between. It lasts 90 to 100 minutes and provides a highly original, hilarious, inspired night of entertainment. Slots perfectly into pub theatres, studio theatres and other small venues.

A list of all the plots we run can be found here, along with the number of people each is for and whether they are Participative or Watch The Action in style.

Watch The Action

Murder mystery dinners and sit-back-and-watch entertainments for 25 to 250 people. These plots are often run over a meal but can also take place on their own or wrapped around other activities. Guests are mainly observers rather than participants although they still work in teams to solve the crime. And more lively guests still have  opportunities to join in and add to the fun. Please contact us for more detailed information about any of these plots.For a list and descriptions of all our plots, please go here.

Our Watch The Action Plots:

Last Orders  Everyone is a celebrity invited to the opening of a glitzy new restaurant. Don’t be surprised if we mistake you for someone you’ve always wanted to be. Just try not to kill anyone! (more)

Bad Blood at Bugsy’s  A mafia mobster murder mystery set in Chicago, 1928. For the gangsters and broads visiting Bugsy’s “Peace and Fellowship Temperance Club”, things are beginning to turn ugly… (more)

Dinner With The Ambassador  Loosely based on the daft Ferrero Rocher adverts, this plot provides the chance to show off your detective skills – and become the new ruler of Ruritania! (more)

Banquet of Blood  Malefactors create mayhem in our hilarious medieval murder mystery. (more)

Braithwaite’s Will   A “sealed room” mystery that Agatha Christie would be proud of.  (more)


The most flexible and most adaptable of all our murder mystery styles. Why? Because you, as the audience, suggest what form you want it to take. Any title, any subject, any situation, any era, any group of characters. Then, live in front of your eyes, our actors make it all happen.

Our Improv Murder Plots:

Improv Whodunit  We “only” have one plot but what’s in it changes every time, depending on what you want. How long it lasts and how it fits in with anything else you are doing changes, too. (more)

“The murderous gang had vanished in the mists of morning, without a single witness being able to swear to the identity of these men who in front of a hundred spectators had wrought this double crime.”
Dr. Watson, The Valley of Fear