Murder mysteries for team building and private events
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Murder mysteries for team building and private events

Team Building
Murder Mysteries Which Deliver Excellent Team Building Results

How arrestcan a murder mystery achieve any useful team building results? Isn’t it just a bunch of people messing around? Isn’t it all a bit silly? A glorified booze up? See what people say about us in Feedback and consider this: even at their most basic level, our murder mysteries

  • bring people together and get them talking
  • set them a shared task that’s new to them
  • take them out of their comfort zone
  • get them working together in a relaxed and friendly way
  • lift their spirits
  • leave them feeling better about themselves, their colleagues and their place of work

And that’s just for starters. Depending on what your goals are and what your budget is, our team building murder mysteries can deliver many other benefits . So what are you looking for? Is having fun your main priority? Or are you wanting something more structured, more focused, something which directly addresses training issues which concern you? Let us know what you need so we can arrange it for you.

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My team are usually pretty cynical about team builds but this one went down very well – even begrudgingly by a couple of the cynics!
Brenda Sarah, GlaxoSmithKline.

Everyone enjoyed themselves, everyone felt involved.
James Saunders, Nationwide.

A great time was truly had by all.
Vivienne Lambert, TK Maxx.

Just for fun?

Ask anyone organising a team building day about their biggest worries, their answers are nearly always the same. People not enjoying themselves. People not joining in. Our murder mysteries score very highly for both “happiness” and “participation”. It’s team building by stealth. Those taking part are often too busy throwing themselves into the action to see what effect it is having on them. We can provide an expert to explore the benefits with you and apply experiential learning to develop key training skills on the day. Or we can leave it to you to go back to work and see for yourselves what’s changed. People at our events often say that they never knew “training” could be such fun. We think it’s the best way to learn…

Fun – and what else?

Do you have people scattered around the country who rarely speak to each other? Do you have people in the same building who rarely speak to each other? Do you have people in the same office who rarely speak to each other? Our murder mysteries throw people together in a relaxed situation where they can get away from work stresses and start opening up, even to people they’ve never met or spoken to before.

A mystery game is the perfect ice breaker. Inhibitions and awkwardness soon go as everyone is distracted and softened up by the task in hand: looking for clues, finding out what other people know, watching the plot unravel then trying to identify the murderer. As well as this, we set other objectives which can only be achieved by talking to and interacting with lots of other people: inheriting the murder victim’s estate, perhaps, or winning an election or stopping anyone finding out who you really are.

In doing all this, key team building goals are achieved – all in an easy, informal way. Good team work, good communication, good problem solving: the foundations all good teams rely on. How people gather, share and process the information available to them crucially affects whether they get the answer right. Prioritising, sorting out what’s relevant, persuading others to co-operate: our murder mysteries give people the opportunity to practice many key skills in a very safe, very supportive environment.

Oh, and have we mentioned this yet? They’re great fun!

Team Building Murder Mystery With Expert Facilitator

We can provide some expert help to increase the team building benefits of your murder mystery further by bringing in a specialist facilitator. Jay Dodson is an expert in experiential learning with a distinguished career in business behind him. His analysis, direction and feedback will enable you to focus on developing key skills – e.g. communication and problem solving.

We can even create a specific training programme for you built directly around a murder mystery. During it, our facilitator’s own training exercises will complement what’s happening during our murder mystery: how people are setting about achieving their goals, how they are interacting with each other, what other approaches they might take to the various tasks in hand. Your group will get a very clear understanding of what the murder mystery reveals about how you do things. It will help you recognise your strengths, safely try out new ways of doing things, build your confidence and develop both personally and as a team.

Contact us now for more information on how we can brighten up your team building and training initiatives and achieve some excellent results for you.

“He’s simply the hinge that the whole team turns on.”
Mr. Cyril Overton, The Adventure of the Missing Three-Quarter