Murder mysteries for team building and private events
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Murder mysteries for team building and private events

Seasonal, All Day, Weekend, Bespoke
Murder mysteries which work for almost every occasion and group size

Because Draculawe have more than 20 years’ experience of running murder mysteries, we can change what we do to fit many different situations and scenarios. Most of our plots last around three hours but we’ve also run them very successfully as all day murder mysteries, weekend murder mysteries and even longer events. We even have a 1 hour murder mystery story option. And with enough notice, we can also tailor existing plots to bring in ingredients you particularly want to have. Seasonal, all day, weekend, bespoke: we have something for every kind of time frame and occasion.

We can run our events in many different kinds of venue and sometimes work them around other activities guests are involved in. One plot was adapted to fit around a Highland Games weekend, another to shift an annual conference in an unexpected, fatal new direction, another to draw on the history of the venue it was held in.

Whatever you are looking for, just ask us – we may well be able to help you. And, as you’ll see from our Feedback, even our “standard” events are special.

Seasonal Plots


Who Killed Father Christmas? is available both as a Very Participative and Fairly Participative plot. A Lookalike Agency is holding a Christmas party for all the “acts” it has on its books, including you. Do you look like Elvis? Rihanna? A member of the British Royal Family? That’s whose lookalike you will be. Guests can choose for themselves which famous person’s impersonator they want to come as.


Wrench Horror Halloween murder mystery

Wrench Horror? Hammer Horror? Same difference… Inspired by the schlock horror vampire sillinesses the House of Hammer excelled at, this murder mystery gives everyone the chance to camp and vamp it up for the night.

Everyone has a character to play in this Very Participative plot, adapted for Halloween. Some of you may be undead and sharp fanged, others may be screaming virgins. One of you will be the murderer.

High Society Halloween murder mystery.

English lords and ladies always attract a lot of scandal. The annual gathering of the High Society Society falls this year on Halloween and everyone has been asked to “dress spookily”. You and your colleagues will be there pretending to be its members – Earls, Princes, Baronets, Duchesses, Countesses, etc.

Halloween Office Murder.

O.R. International is in the same line of business as you and your colleagues. It is having its Annual Forum close to Halloween. You have been invited. You will spend the evening pretending to be an O.R. employee and trying not to be “terminated”. CEO Richard Onan has asked everyone to come “as a ghost, ghoul or something even scarier – e.g. a tax inspector…”

We can tailor the plot so that real gossip and information about your company appears in it. Some of the characters will be played by guests and everyone will work in teams. Your aim will be: 1) to trade information; 2) to win the Top Employees award; 3) to find out who or what killed your colleagues; 4) to avoid being turned into a pumpkin.

Halloween Ghost Hunt

This is for 8 to 250 people. It can be combined with a murder mystery or one of our other team building events to provide an even spookier Halloween. Our Halloween Ghost Hunt is a Treasure Huntdesigned specifically to finish at a pub/restaurant or other venue of your choice.

It begins with a briefing by renowned Victorian ghost hunter, the Honourable Alfred Toppington. He organises you into teams and lays down a challenge: to get to the venue by following a route you need to work out, using our special Ghost Map.

Along the way, there will be some clues for you to solve, various spooky items to acquire and some ghostly eccentrics for you to track down.

When you get to the end point, one final challenge awaits you: to identify which of the assembled party is, in fact, a ghost. But don’t let the fun stop there. If you want to the frights to carry on, follow up our Halloween Ghost Hunt with one of the murder mysteries described above or one of our other spookified team building events.

Bespoke, Tailored, Customised Murder Mysteries

Our existing plots are all painstakingly created. As we run them, we keep changing them and adding new ingredients to them. For quality and value for money, they are hard to beat. However, you may have your heart set on something we don’t currently offer. A murder mystery set in Ancient Greece. A detective who is an Android. A plot in which all your friends play their real selves in a story specially created about them. If that’s what you’re after, where will you find it? Who will supply it? Well, we might! And here is how…

Our Improv Murder option means we can create a new murder mystery for you in front of your eyes, based on anything you want included. You can decide the period, the subject, the characters, the murder weapon, the victim. We’ll then cook it up for you on the spot and serve it back to you. Freshly made. Funny. Fast moving. And still giving you the chance to say who you think the murderer is.

Alternatively, some of our existing plots can be adapted. We have many to choose from. As well as our modern day and Medieval murder mysteries, we have some set in Victorian times and the 1920s. We may be able to set them in a different age or location, add new characters to them, change some of the details. Our Office Murder plot can have information added to it about your own company or organisation and is about your own area of work.

Because our plots have so much in them, adapting them isn’t just a matter of pressing Search and Replace a couple of times. But let us know what you want and we will do our best to provide it for you – at as reasonable a price as we can.


We also create completely bespoke murder mysteries. They are our most expensive events by some way. But the results can be spectacularly successful. Our long experience in writing detective games and our deep understanding of what makes them work well mean you will end up with something very special, very individual, very exclusive.

All Day and Weekend Murder Mysteries

For an all day murder mystery adventure, you can either combine one of our standard plots with activities offered by our sister sites Initiative Unlimited and Find The Treasure or we can adapt one of our existing plots for you. Whatever your timetable and specific requirements, we will do our best to match them.

For a Weekend Plot, we have a number of existing plots designed to last several days. We will be happy to run any of them for you. We don’t usually run them as ticketed events bookable by members of the public. They are private events for particular groups. Your group size will need to be 25 minimum. Where the weekend takes place is something we can be flexible about. We aren’t tied to any specific venues.

“I continue to retain the hat of the unknown gentleman who lost his Christmas dinner.”
Sherlock Holmes, The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle