Murder mysteries for team building and private events
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Murder mysteries for team building and private events

Wrench Horror
A Spooky, Ghastly Murder Mystery

Numbers:  20-50.
Style:  Highly Participative.

Remember those creaky old B-movies where vampires sucked, virgins screamed and Van Helsing did strange things with wooden stakes? In Wrench Horror, you’ll find yourself part of a murder mystery about the making of one of those films.

Wrench Horror Productions is infamous for its low-budget, spooky gorefests. (Yes, Hammer Horror was our inspiration!) At the end-of-filming party for their latest mess “Dracula’s Dungeons”, the actors and crew get to let their hair down and say what they really think about each other. The gloves are off, the knives are drawn – and then a body is discovered…

Every guest is a character in the plot. You might be a film star, an extra or a stunt double. You might even be the murderer! Enjoy camping it up as a Z-list film star as you try to work out who the real villain of the piece is. The moral of the story? Never allow people you don’t know to bite you on the neck….

• For 20-50 people.
• Indoors or outdoors or both.
• 3-3½ hours.
• Over a meal or without a meal.
• Any date which suits you, providing we have availability.
• Style: Highly Participative.

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“We shall have horrors enough before the night is over.”

Sherlock Holmes, The Adventure of the Speckled Band