Murder mysteries for team building and private events
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Murder mysteries for team building and private events

The GRiT Awards
A Groovy 1970s Murder Mystery

We now have three games you can play virtually online via Zoom, FaceTime and other video apps. Go here for more information about them and to see the great reviews they are getting. You can buy, download and run two of them yourselves or enquire here as to how we can run any of them for you.

Numbers:  40-250.
Style: Fairly Participative.

The year is 1977. Flares flap and hot pants hug as you and your colleagues arrive for the rock event of the year: the Giants of Rock Innovation and Technology Awards (the GRiTs). A sudden death puts festivities on hold for a while as Jason Side-Vent (Scotland Yard Vice Squad) takes control.

Jason and the other main characters are played by our elite team of professional actors. There are also a few guest characters and everyone else is treated as if they are a ‘70s rock icon, record producer or groovy, funky hipster.

The GRIT Awards is usually run over a meal. During it, each table works as a team of detectives, trading clues and gathering information. At the end, a spokesperson from each team puts forward their theories before Jason sums up the case and reveals the amazing truth…

This plot lends itself very well to having some music to follow it: a live 1970s tribute band, a disco, a karaoke. Our own favourites are the nicely bonkers Poxy Music, who perform a terrific range of ’70s classics (Bowie, T. Rex, Sweet, Roxy Music and others). Their website is here. Or ask us for more about this.

Poxy Music '70s tribute band

• For 40-250 people
• Indoors
• 3-3½ hours
• Over a meal or without a meal
• Any date which suits you, providing we have availability
• Style: Fairly Participative

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“Confound that whining music; it gets on my nerves!”

Count Sylvius, The Adventure Of The Mazarin Stone