Murder mysteries for team building and private events
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Murder mysteries for team building and private events

Murder Aboard
Lives capsize and reputations are sunk in our seafaring whodunit adventure

Numbers: 7-16.
Style: Highly Participative and Downloadable.

Low morals on the high seas as a trip on a luxury yacht takes passengers to places they weren’t expecting to go. Anyone for murder? Find out what’s really going on when the good ship Dolphin makes its final voyage.

Duchesses and lords rub shoulders with film stars and millionaires – all characters for you and your guests to play. The voyage has already been eventful. Fortunes have been won and lost in the casino. Hearts have been broken.  Last night, a passenger fell overboard. “Fell?” Or was he pushed? Soon, a murderer is on the loose. On a yacht, there is nowhere to escape.

As well as identifying who the murderer is, your character will have other fun objectives to pursue. Settling old scores, perhaps. Acquiring some much-needed cash. And, if the yacht springs a leak, making sure you have a lifebelt. But this is a luxury yacht. Safe as The Titanic, surely…

Explore with us a world of ship-board romance, blackmail and dastardly wrong-doing on the all-at-sea Dolphin. While scattered waters rave, there’s a death on the ocean wave…

Group Sizing and Timings

  • For 7-16 people
  • Indoors or outdoors or both
  • 3-3½ hours
  • Over a meal or without a meal
  • Any date which suits you, providing we have availability
  • Style: Highly Participative and Downloadable

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“It was given out that he had either thrown himself overboard or fallen overboard in the heavy weather that we were having. Only one man knew what had happened to him, and that was me.”

Stanley Hopkins, The Adventure of Black Peter