Murder mysteries for team building and private events
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Murder mysteries for team building and private events

Improv Whodunit
Comedy Improv Murder Mystery

Numbers:  25-250.
Style: Watch The Action.

“Whose Line Is It Anyway?” meets Agatha Christie in this highly original, highly adaptable show. Murder, chaos, comedy and laughter all accompany your attempts to guess “Whodunit?”.

This is a unique form of live entertainment. Our actors pick up on audience suggestions and create a richly rewarding instant murder mystery in front of your eyes. Title, theme, characters and story are all developed on the spot, clues and red herrings collide, dark secrets are uncovered and age-old murder mystery conventions recur. Did the butler do it? Is there a butler? Was it a crime passionel or was it only love of money that caused the criminal to commit the crime? It’s anyone’s guess what might happen next.

If you’d like Improv Whodunit to be tailored to a particular theme or occasion, this can easily be arranged. Our M.C. will prompt the audience to come up with relevant suggestions which will then be seamlessly woven into the plot. We can set the murder mystery in a period chosen by you and incorporate other preferences you might have.

The audience gets the chance to make its own accusations before the truth is finally revealed. Our detective attempts a satisfyingly coherent solution, the murderer is caught, the heinous crime is punished and everyone goes home feeling justice has been done and life is again back to normal. Until next time…

• For 25-250 people
• Indoors
• 1½-3 hours
• Broken up into different scenes between courses over a meal or without a meal. Or can all be run together, with an interval in between.
• Any date which suits you, providing we have availability
• Style: Watch The Action

We’re here to help make planning your event easy for you. You may prefer to leave almost everything to us. Or you may want to get very involved in the process. Either way is fine by us. Filling in our Enquiry Form will ensure we get the most useful information over to you right from the start. Or if you’d prefer to talk over what you have in mind, call us on 020 8842 1284.

“Cases which derive their interest not so much from the brutality of the crime as from the ingenuity and dramatic quality of the solution.”

Dr. Watson, The Adventure of the Solitary Cyclist