Murder mysteries for team building and private events
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Murder mysteries for team building and private events

Death By Numbers
An Original Sherlock Holmes mystery

Numbers:  25-250.
Style:  Bespoke.

It is 1892. The Prime Minister, Archibald Primrose, has agreed to join the distinguished industrialist and moral crusader Sir William Bogle for an evening of refined celebration. Most of the other guests (yourselves!) are equally distinguished members of the Empire’s industrialist and aristocratic elite. Bogle has let it be known that the Empire needs more people like you to help embellish and improve it in ways which will reinforce correct moral attitudes among its peoples.

Guest of Honour at the celebration is none other than Her Gracious and Glorious Majesty, Queen Victoria, accompanied by her Private Secretary, Lord Ponsonby. An admirer of Bogle’s work, Her Majesty has appointed him her very own Magnificent Upholder of Properly Pious Emotional Tendencies.

Pleasure quickly gives way to calamity at the celebration as Bogle suffers a dramatic collapse. Murder is suspected.

On an occasion like this, discretion is of course paramount. An investigation must take place but who is fit to lead it? Only one person: Sherlock Holmes. Using his customary tact and intelligence, he soon uncovers many dark secrets. By the time he has resolved the mystery, several shining reputations have been besmirched beyond repair.

This highly-entertaining murder mystery is designed so that some key people can easily be included in the plot. We just need a little information beforehand about who you would like us to pick on. Feature! Feature, not pick on…

In Death By Numbers, our team of professional actors performs a series of dramatic, comic, scripted scenes. Key evidence is shared and plot issues settled. The scenes take place between courses so that guests have time in between to enjoy their food, talk shop and network. Or the scenes can be woven around some other activities – e.g. at a conference.

At the end, people get the chance to discuss in teams who they think the murderer is before making their accusations public. The murderer is arrested. Prizes are awarded to the team which comes up with the best solution and the guest who creates the most fun for everyone else.

• For 25-250 people
• Indoors
• 3-3½ hours
• Over a meal or without a meal
• Broken up into different scenes between courses over a meal or without a meal
• Any date which suits you, providing we have availability
• Style: Bespoke

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“We’ve done our work, so it’s time we had some play. A sandwich and a cup of coffee, and then off to violin-land, where all is sweetness and delicacy and harmony, and there are no red-headed clients to vex us with their conundrums.”

Sherlock Holmes, The Red-Headed League