Murder mysteries for team building and private events
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Murder mysteries for team building and private events

Banquet of Blood
A Medieval Murder Mystery

Numbers: 25-250.
Style: Watch The Action.

You are a guest at a very special medieval event. Count Schloss is having a banquet at his castle. You are a Prince (or Knight, Duchess or Lady), so of course he has invited you to be there.

However, you aren’t the guest of honour. That title has been bestowed on someone who appears to be a drink-addled, fornicating crazy person. Which you know can’t be true. Because he is your King.

Some fatalities will no doubt occur during the celebration. No medieval party would be complete without them. A monk called Brother Mario will be trying to work out who has been killing who. He will ask for your help in doing so. But he won’t get in your way. When any food is in front of you, he and our other actor characters will leave you to it. Feasting is feasting and crime investigating is crime investigating. Mixing the two could easily start a hundred years’ war.

Near the end, Brother Mario will ask people to tell him who they think is responsible for any killings which have taken place. He’ll put you in teams for this. When you’ve all had your say, he’ll let you know where his investigations have taken him. Someone will be arrested. Depending on how sharp anyone’s knife is, there may be some disembowelings and hanging, drawing and quarterings. After all, Count Schloss knows how to throw a good party!

Banquet of Blood is a medieval version of our Dinner With The Ambassador plot.


  • For 25-250 people
  • Indoors
  • 3-3½ hours
  • Broken up into different scenes between courses over a meal or without a meal
  • Any date which suits you, providing we have availability
  • Style: Watch The Action

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“He seemed to represent that not too common type, a nobleman who is in truth noble.”

Dr. Watson, the Naval Treaty