Murder mysteries for team building and private events
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Murder mysteries for team building and private events

Best Value Plots
Murder mysteries for those on a budget

MurderBest value plots mysteries vary in price from the crazily cheap to the ridiculously expensive. So what works best for those on a budget? Which really are the best value plots? Consider what’s on offer carefully. If someone promises you a 5 actor game for £800, the “actors” will most likely be inexperienced and the game itself very insubstantial. If the price is much, much higher, investigate why. Is the money going straight to the company which will run your event? Or are a chain of agents involved, each adding a hefty commission to the final bill?

As well as providing plenty of content in our games, we only use highly experienced professional actors for them. We create and run our own plots. Our prices are very competitive.

If you are on a tight budget, we have some terrific best value options for you. How do we manage this?

  • By keeping our overheads low.
  • By not being greedy.
  • By being flexible in how we do things.
  • By running murder mysteries we own and have created ourselves.

Best Value Option 1: Downloadable Murder Mysteries

For 6 to 200 people. We work closely with Murder Mystery Games, a web based company with various very enjoyable games you can buy online, download, print out and run yourself. We have been involved in writing and/or re-shaping all their games. Some can be played virtually online via apps like Zoom, others are for groups of people who are all in the same room.

Meant for private parties and company get togethers rather than as commercially run events, the plots are great fun and provide you with a whole evening’s entertainment for from as little as £20. Depending on how many guests there are, everyone has their own character to play or else people work in teams. Most have a free introduction which gives a very good idea of what you’ll get if you go ahead and purchase. To find out more or buy a game, go to their downloadable murder mystery games website.

Best Value Option 2:  Downloadable Murder Mysteries with a Professional Actor

For 6 to 200 people. This is the same as Option 1 – except that with this option one or more of our professional actors will join you for your event. It will need to be one you can all attend together rather than something you play online or virtually. For a virtual game run by us for you, please go to Best Value Option 3 (below).

When our actors join you for your event, they’ll use their in depth knowledge of the plots and great experience of running them to help things go smoothly. They’ll play one or more of the key characters and, by taking on the organiser’s role while the murder mystery unfolds, will take the pressure off whoever has arranged the event and enable them fully to relax and enjoy it. You’ll still need to buy, download, print out and assemble a Murder Mystery Games plot, but we should be able to give advice and answer any questions you have on how to do this.

The price will depend on where your murder mystery is happening and how many actors you’d like to hire. Things works fine with one actor but having more will add to the fun. We’re based in West London and prices rise the further away from there we go. We charge both for the cost of the journey and the additional time involved in getting us there and back – this does affect the price considerably for those living some distance away.

As with Option 1, this style of murder mystery is meant for private events or company dos or to raise money for a charity. It isn’t intended as a commercial enterprise – e.g. something a pub, restaurant or hotel sells tickets for. Our Participative and Watch The Action  games are the options we offer for that. For any of these options, please  contact us for a quote.

Best Value Option 3:  We Do (Almost) Everything For You

For 6 to 250 people. With this option we assemble a Murder Mystery Games plot for you based on your group size. We’ll also run it for you on the day, meaning there isn’t much work for you to do in advance. And we’ll throw in some extra ingredients you won’t get with the “standard” downloadable games.

Three of these games are ones we can run virtually for you, if you are unable all to be in the same space. Some of you will have characters to play, some of you will watch and focus more on working out whodunit. These games generally last around 90 minutes and have been a huge hit during lockdown. You can enquire about them here.

Otherwise, if you can all be in the same space, we can either run a Murder Mystery Games plot for you or one of our other participative murder mysteries. This option works particularly well for company dinners and team building events, hen parties, birthday parties and anniversary celebrations. For a quote, again contact us here.

Best Value Option 4:  Murder Mystery as a Charity Fundraiser

For smaller groups. Providing it’s not for commercial agin and purely to raise money for charity, you can buy, put together and run one of our games yourselves as a fundraiser. We have two games (Murder in the Red Room and The Chocolate Bar Mystery) which can be run virtually this way.

For 40 to 200 people. Our good friends at Murder Mystery Games have a terrific plot set in a school which works perfectly for any group looking to fund raise or hold a murder mystery to raise money for charity. Called St. Cakes, it is run in teams with some guest characters and plenty of opportunities for the more extrovert guests to become involved. It’s a chance for everyone to re-live their school days except that, at this school, murder is also on the syllabus. You can:

  • Buy the game direct from St. Cakes downloadable murder mystery and run it yourself (remember to check out the free introduction first, so you’ll have a good idea what you’ll be getting).
  • Or hire one or more of our professional actors to run it for you after you’ve put it together.
  • Or get us to put it together for you and run it for you.

The game works particularly well for schools, PTAs, golf clubs and any other group wanting a charity murder mystery or murder mystery fund raising event. Contact us here for a quote.

“So far so good. It only remains to fix a price.”
Charles Milverton, The Adventure of Charles Augustus Milverton