Murder mysteries for team building and private events
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Murder mysteries for team building and private events

Murder Mysteries UK

We now have three games you can play virtually online via Zoom, FaceTime and other video apps. Go here for more information about them and to see the great reviews they are getting. You can buy, download and run two of them yourselves or enquire here as to how we can run any of them for you.

As Murder mystery events UKwell as our London murder mysteries, we run other events throughout the UK – and abroad. They aren’t usually publicly advertised events on pre-set dates (although we do sometimes do them). It’s more a case of you asking us what we can do for you and when you want it done – and us trying our best to make it happen for you.

As long as your group size and budget allow for it, we go where you want us to. Or look into sourcing a venue for you. Because we have so many plots to choose from and so many different ways of running our whodunnits, we should nearly always have something to offer you. Being based in London, prices rise considerably the further from there we go.


Our prices are very competitive and cover a wide range of options: everything from hiring an actor to run a plot you put together yourselves to our creating an entire bespoke event for you.

If you ask us for a quote, we’ll usually split it two ways: the cost of the venue/food/drinks and the cost of the murder mystery itself. If you just want us to provide the murder mystery and are happy to arrange everything else, that’s fine by us. These are the key things to bear in mind:

• The bigger your group size, the cheaper the cost per head.

• Because we are based in London, costs rise the further away from London your event takes place. For instance, for a whodunnit in Manchester or Cornwall, the cost of overnight accommodation for the actors will be added to the overall price.

• The final price will depend on how many actors we send, how many of you there are and what our production costs are. These vary enormously. Rather than offer “one size fits all” prices, we prefer to adjust what we do according to what you want to spend.

UK Murder Mystery Venues

The best murder mystery venues aren’t always easy to find. As we aren’t tied to any venues in particular, we have a free hand in choosing where to run our events. We can help work out the best options for you. We can either source a venue for you, bring our murder mystery to a venue you’ve chosen or help point you towards places to consider. If you have anywhere you’d like to recommend, please let us know in Comment, below.

Great murder mystery venues

The Manor House, Somerset
Nutfield Priory, Surrey
The Priest House Hotel, Derbyshire
Rhinefield House Hotel, Hampshire
Ashdown Park, Sussex

Great hotel chains for your murder mystery

The website has useful, up-to-date information about many different hotel chains throughout the UK and Europe. We recommend it.

The hotel chains we run events at most often are:

Elite Hotels
Exclusive Hotels
Handpicked Hotels
Classic Lodges
Best Western
De Vere Hotels

Best restaurant and pub venues

The best restaurant and pub venues may be small, local and family-run. Finding them can be hard. Any existing local knowledge you have is, of course, always the best place to start. Otherwise, these two online directories are well worth investigating:
Beer in the Evening
Square Meal

“We were precipitated into the midst of a series of events which caused the utmost excitement not only in Cornwall but throughout the whole west of England.”
Dr. Watson, The Adventure of the Devil’s Foot

6 thoughts on “Murder Mysteries UK

  1. Hello,

    I am hoping to plan a murder mystery in Manchester as part of my sis’s hen do. Could you please provide a rough idea on what would be entailed and also a quote. Its roughly for 20 women.

    Kind regards

    1. Thanks for your message, Theresa, and for your interest in our murder mysteries. We’ll send you a reply via email

    1. Hi Julie
      Thanks for your message. Most of the events we run are for private groups and aren’t public and ticketed. We don’t have anything for you in May but, depending where you are based and how many people this is for, might be able to run something just for your group. Also, our D-I-Y downloadable games are available from our sister site and you can put these together and run them yourself, without us being there. Hope that helps!

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