Murder mysteries for corporate events, private parties and team building

Murder Mysteries in London

Murder mysteries in London

Looking for a murder mystery in London? We have several kinds to choose from at a wide range of prices. And if you can’t find what you want from us, we’ll steer you towards where else to look.

Our murder mysteries take many different forms. Some are participative, some are more “sit back and watch“. They cost anything from a few hundred to many thousands of pounds, depending on a number of variables: how many actors/facilitators you have, how many of you there are, how long they take to prepare, how much you spend on food and drink, and so on.

How and Where To Have Your Murder Mystery in London

We have many plots to choose from, suitable for anything from 6 to 250 people. Most last around 3 hours but have some which can fill shorter and much longer slots, too. London is where we’re based. We’ve been running murder mystery events here since 1989. In our time we have organised thousands of them.

Because we aren’t tied exclusively to any particular venue, we can run our whodunits anywhere people want us to – providing there is enough space and privacy. The City and Central London remain the most popular places for dining with death but we’ve run events in pretty much every other borough, too.

We’ll either try to source a venue for you or bring what we do to a venue you’ve sourced yourselves.

You want someone killed where you work? Happy to oblige.

You’re going to be in a West End hotel all day being very serious, flipcharty and corporate? You’d like us to help everyone relax, mix and mingle and enjoy each other’s company over dinner in the same hotel? We can do it.

A morning mystery in a church hall, an afternoon murder on a boat on the Thames, homicide with high tea in a historic Covent Garden venue or you and some friends having a deadly dinner at home? Yes, we’ve helped make all of them happen.

Tell us how many of you there will be, which part of town you want to be in, which dates you have in mind, how much you might want to spend – and we’ll do the rest.

Best London murder mystery venues

Our murder mysteries can take place any time of day, with or without food. Run by highly experienced, professional actors, we give you and your guests the chance to solve a crime as it unfolds before you. They work brilliantly both as corporate events and private parties. For corporate groups, they break down barriers, set aside work preoccupations, improve team morale and get people mixing, mingling and socialising in a way no standard event ever can. With private parties, they immerse everyone in a relaxed, enjoyable activity which keeps spirits high throughout – finishing off with the dramatic moment when the evil murderer is revealed.

Since Covid struck, we’re having more trouble sourcing and recommending venues suitable for our mysteries. Our current list is short. Some of the ones we used to trust have now lost their way or gone out of business. No doubt others exist but, until we’ve tested them out several times, we’re reluctant to post links to them here. When we have more, we’ll add more.

If you contact one of the venues below, please let them know you heard about them through us. If none of them is right for you, we’re happy to bring what we do to a venue you’ve chosen instead, providing it’s suitable. For more about what to look for and where to find it, please see Find A Murder Mystery.

If you can think of anywhere you’ve been to which you think would suit what we do, please let us know about them in Comments, below. You’ll be doing us a favour – and them!

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“I think that we shall be of more use in London than in Norbury.”
Sherlock Holmes, The Yellow Face

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