Murder mysteries for team building and private events
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Murder mysteries for team building and private events

Find a Murder Mystery

Whodunit eveningsScene of crime murder map take place in the UK every day of every week. But how do you find a murder mystery near where you live? How do you book it? What kind of venues might be suitable for it?

It depends what you are looking for. There are three main options:

  • A murder mystery put together and/or run for you by professionals.
  • A murder mystery you put together and run yourselves.
  • A public, ticketed murder mystery event.

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Murder mysteries run for you by professionals

Like some other professional companies, we run events all over the UK. And Europe. And (if anyone pays for the airfares) the rest of the world. We aren’t tied to any specific venue or place. Although based in London, we can come to where you want us to be.

Unlike many other companies, we are very flexible about the venues used for our murder mysteries. They can happen in your home, in your office, in a hotel, in a restaurant, a pub functions room, a village hall, a golf club, even on a boat. Some take place outdoors. The main requirement is having plenty of space so people can easily get out of their seats and go and speak to those who aren’t sitting next to them. It’s best if people aren’t too “squashed in”. You’ll also need a private room. People sometimes “die” during our murder mysteries, which can worry those not directly involved! Venue/meal costs vary hugely – everything from around £15 per head in a pub to £200 per head in a hotel. Many hotels and restaurants require a minimum spend from you but how much this is varies considerably.

As well as in England, we’ve run murder mysteries before in Scotland, Wales, Ireland, France, Belgium and the Netherlands. We’ve run them in big cities like London, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Coventry, Brighton, Southampton, York. We’ve run them in country house hotels in the middle of nowhere and bustling travel lodges in town centres and close to airports. We can go anywhere although, being based in West London, our prices rise considerably the further from there we go.

Tell us where you want your mystery event to take place and we’ll do our best to make it happen. Often, we can find a venue for you, too.

Public, ticketed events

As well as whodunit evenings for private groups and companies, we occasionally run public, ticketed murder mysteries. These are advertised by the venues holding them.

Ticketed events usually take place over a 3-course meal. Open to everyone, they bring people together who won’t necessarily know each other. Sometimes members of the public, sometimes corporate groups. Styles and formats vary a lot. Some are very rough and ready with little audience participation, thin plots and substandard food. Others are much more polished. Don’t just read about them on the hotel’s website. Make sure you also check out the murder mystery company’s site carefully before you book. Do they seem professional? How will the evening unfold?

Some ticketed murder mystery nights are only advertised. Others are plugged by hotel groups on their websites. Depending where you live, “Ticketed murder mysteries” on Google will usually yield some useful results.

Murder mystery online directories

These list many different companies which offer various kinds of whodunits. Two to try for UK murder mystery searches are:

Murder mysteries run by you

You can buy downloadable murder mysteries online or box set games and run them yourselves at home. Or book a private room in a local restaurant, pub or hotel and run them there.

Taking this approach will save your a lot of money although you’ll still need to allow some time to get everything ready beforehand.

One company with several excellent downloadable plots is Murder Mystery Games. If you decide you’d like someone to be there on the day to ensure everything runs smoothly for you, you can hire a professional actor from us.

Events in London

The closer your event happens to London, the better our local knowledge. Our favourite venue in the capital is Browns Courtrooms.

For more about what they (and we) can offer you, have a read of our Murder Mysteries in London.

Events Outside London

We have been around long enough and managed events in enough different locations to be able to run them almost anywhere.

For more information about what we can do for you outside London, please go to Murder Mysteries Outside London.

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