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In our business, there is no such thing as a stupid question. We want to make things easy for you. If there is anything you don’t understand about what we do, check out the murder mystery FAQs below. Or ask us using the “Comments” box below. Or contact us here.

What happens on a murder mystery event?

A murder happens or has happened. You investigate it! After that, variety is the key. A murder mystery dinner. A morning team building event. A plot where you can all play a character or mainly work in teams or sit back and be entertained. A modern day whodunit. A period mystery which allows plenty of scope for dressing up. We are flexible in how we run our events and have many different ways of doing things. Some plots can be tailored to include information about you, your company, your friends or anything else you’d like included. For more, please see Types of Murder Mystery.

Why book one of yours?

We have been around for longer, have run more events, are more flexible in how we do things, have more options to choose from and are more competitively priced than any other company we can think of. Oh, and have you seen our Feedback?

Who are your murder mysteries for?

Businesses, organisations and private parties. If your company is looking for a fun night out, if your organisation needs some help with its team building, if you are arranging a hen party or birthday party and want something a bit different for it, come to us.

How many people are they for?

Our smallest standard murder mystery is for 6 people. Our largest is for 250. As we also run bespoke events, we can create something for even more of you, if you’d like us to.

How long do they last?

Most last about 3 hours. If that seems long, it isn’t. They are often run over a meal and there is always plenty going on in them, plenty to keep everyone engaged and plenty for everyone to do (if they want to).

If you’d prefer something shorter, your best option is to go for one of our Virtual Online mysteries. These generally last about 90 minutes. Although they were originally designed to be played via Zoom, they can also be played by people all enjoying dinner together and sat round one table.

Can we buy tickets as individuals or in pairs for your events?

Not usually. Most of our events are for private groups not public, ticketed events.

Where do your murder mysteries take place?

Wherever you want them to, providing the space is right. We can try to arrange a venue for you or bring our detective game to a venue you’ve chosen. Many take place in hotels and restaurants but we also run them in offices, in people’s homes, in pubs, clubs and halls – anywhere and everywhere!

So you run your murder mysteries all over the UK?

Yes, we do. And all over Europe and the rest of the world! We are based in West London. Be warned, though: our prices rise steeply the further out of London we go.

And you can arrange a venue for us?

Yes – sometimes. Mostly, though, we either come to somewhere you are or point you towards venues we think may suit your event well. This allows you to deal directly with the venue and get exactly what you want from them. We aren’t tied to any venues exclusively and so have a free hand in bringing what we do to wherever you want us to run it, providing there is enough space.

How much does a murder mystery cost?

Anything from a few hundred to many thousands of pounds. There are many variables with all of our events and every quote is bespoke, according to what your exact requirements are. From the prices we’ve seen our competitors charge, we know that we can nearly always match them or beat them on price. If they ever do look cheaper, they almost certainly won’t be offering what we do.

Who will run our event?

One or more of our team of highly skilled professional actors. We only use the best people for our events and reward them accordingly. We are proud of what they do for us.

Have any famous actors worked for you?

Plenty of people you see on TV have performed in our murder mystery evenings. They have appeared in Coronation Street, Doctors, EastEnders, The Office, Call The Midwife, Silent Witness, Holby City, Line of Duty, Sex Education, Emmerdale, Prime Suspect and many more. Catch them with us first!

“Is it suicide, or is it murder—that’s our first question, gentlemen, is it not?
White Mason, The Valley of Fear

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