Murder mysteries for corporate events, private parties and team building


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Our Murder Mysteries

Based in London, we run murder mystery events for corporate groups, private parties and team building.

Ours was one of the first companies in the UK to run these events professionally. Many have tried to copy us since and many have failed. With us, you can be sure that your murder mystery will be intelligently writtenentertainingly performed and high quality. Ideal for company away days, team building, staff morale boosting and private fun events like birthday parties, reunions and hen nights. Our games break down barriers and soon have everyone talking and mingling in a way no ordinary function can. Don’t just take our word for it, either. Go here to see what people say about us.

What We Do

We can run a whodunit for you using skilled professional actors or you can buy one online and run it yourselves. At our murder mystery dinners and our other events, our highly experienced actors are usually there to oversee everything and play the main roles. Often there will be characters for the guests to play, too: a dodgy butler, perhaps. A femme fatale. A Lady of the Manor. A blundering policeman.

Some plots feature Sherlock Holmes. Some have stock Agatha Christie character types. Some have more individual, original characters. Some use real historical figures: Oscar Wilde, Queen Victoria, King Arthur. Some can be tailored to include information about your group. If your budget stretches far enough, we can even create a plot for you.

We can combine our corporate murder mystery events with our other team building activities run by our sister companies Initiative Unlimited and Find The Treasure to provide an enjoyable and successful away day for your group. Our murder games you can run yourselves are also a great way to celebrate a birthday or anniversary or hen party.

As well as our face-to-face, all-in-the-same-room games, we now have two games you can play virtually online via Zoom, FaceTime and other video apps. Go here for more information about them.

Something for everyone!

How long is an event?

Most of our events last approximately 3 hours but our online, virtual mysteries usually last around 90 minutes. Though first created to be played via Zoom, these games can also be played by people all gathered in one room.

We also run all day and weekend events. And we can often adapt what we do to fit the timings you want. You only have 1 hour? You have a whole week? Tell us how long you want it to run for and we’ll tell you what options we may have.

What is the maximum group size?

Most of our whodunits are for from 6 to 300 people. If your group is bigger, let us know and we’ll discuss with you how to make this still work for you.

Why book one of our Murder Mysteries?

Murder mystery games now come in many shapes and sizes. Many different event companies provide them. So what makes us different to the rest? Why book one of ours? Because of:

• the amount of experience we have in running them
• the great feedback we get about them from our clients
• the high calibre of the actors we use for them
• the high quality of the writing in them and the originality of our ideas
• the huge variety of plots, styles and themes we offer
• the competitive prices we charge
• the flexibility we have over how many people they are for and how long they last

A few of the companies we have we worked for:

Other questions you may have…

We’re here to help make planning your event easy for you. You may prefer to leave almost everything to us. Or you may want to get very involved in the process. Either way is fine by us.

Please go to FAQs for help with other questions you may have for us. For a detailed proposal or to begin a conversation with us, please contact us here.

“It seems, from what I gather, to be one of those simple cases which are so extremely difficult.”
Sherlock Holmes, The Boscombe Valley Mystery