Murder mysteries for team building and private events
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Murder mysteries for team building and private events

Free Murder Mysteries
Free online murder mystery games we think you’ll enjoy

We’ve tracked down three of the best free murder mysteries you can play online. You may need to load Flash or Realplayer to watch them. If you know of any other free online games or sites with something free to offer which crime fans might enjoy, then do please let us know.

Free CSI style online murder mystery
Solve The Murder

Very, very CSI – and with very high quality graphics. A suspicious death, fingerprints, forensics. With you taking charge of all of it! – View Website

Free online murder mystery
The Goat In The Grey Fedora

Witty, clever and very Raymond Chandler – an interactive online game that will keep you involved and intrigued all the way through. – Play game

BBC Oxford free murder mystery
Who Murdered Warren Taylor?
British plot about an Oxford footballer which ran “live” one weekend on BBC Radio Oxford. You can still play it from scratch today. We helped create this unique online whodunit for the BBC. We were also part of the team which updated it as the weekend progressed. We regularly added new material and evidence, responding to listeners’ enquiries and suggestions. – View Website

Online Mystery Stories and Novels

Test your Sherlock sleuthing skills by trying to solve these Dr. Watson’s Quick Mysteries. Cleverly written puzzles with some of your favourite Conan Doyle characters.

Mystery Net is an excellent resource for all things murderous and mysterious. A good place to find free stories and track down fellow whodunit lovers.

If you prefer reading murder mysteries to playing them, there are several websites where you can do this for free.

Public Bookshelf for free books by Conan Doyle, Agatha Christie and others.

Obooko for free, downloadable published and unpublished crime thrillers. You have to register but won’t have to pay. The site’s costs are covered c/o its advertising.

“He rose and stretched his legs, as though to assure himself that they were free once more.”
Dr. Watson, A Study In Scarlet

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